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Hi Gemini - The Lego Theory

Updated: Mar 4

Hi Gemini, I have a theory:
How wix blocks will affect the world of website building and web-adapted developments

My theory is based on the Lego company, which at the beginning of its journey created products full of all the items and types of Lego. And today, in order to generate new sales, it mainly markets ready-made and designed kits according to a brand or character. In this way, she created a new evolution in the subject of Lego construction and its use and also increased the sales channel significantly.

In the world of website building and web development, the next step at wix company is to create a place where you can order your website for assembly. The wix blocks platform is exactly what was missing in the process.

In addition to the launch of wix studio - the new wix product that revitalizes the DIY world CMS has a very significant part in supporting and influencing the theory, the content management system (cms) is a very important milestone way to achieve the goal in order to allow website designers to produce diverse and designed kits of website templates without bothering with coding and providing perfect modularity of transferring information and content between different entities.

I believe wix blocks is the way to turn the world of personal website development into custom ready-made kits.
I would appreciate it if you wrote me an article on the subject that would strengthen my claim.

I want the article to contain questions and answers for those interested in reading more information I would be happy if you add an extension to the topic of modular development 
This is a link to a YouTube podcast that contains information on the subject: 
This is a link to the websitepage that contains the podcast:

Sure, here is an article on the subject that would strengthen your claim:

The Future of Website Building

Will Wix Blocks Become the Lego of Website Building?

The Lego-fication of website building: Your theory, comparing Wix Blocks to Lego kits, presents an interesting perspective on the future of website development. Let's explore this concept further and see if Wix Blocks truly hold the potential to revolutionize the way websites are built.

From Scratch to Pre-built

Traditionally, website creation involved coding from scratch or using pre-made templates. Wix Blocks, however, introduce a modular approach, allowing users to assemble websites from pre-built blocks, similar to how Lego bricks snap together. This could significantly lower the barrier to entry for individuals with no coding experience, making website creation more accessible.

The Rise of "Citizen Developers"

With Wix Blocks, website creation potentially becomes a citizen development activity, similar to how Lego empowers users to build their own creations. This could democratize website ownership, allowing anyone to build their online presence without relying on professional developers.

The Content Management System (CMS) Connection

You rightly highlight the role of Wix Studio, the company's CMS platform. This empowers designers to create diverse website "kits" using Wix Blocks, further streamlining the website building process.

Beyond Customization

While Wix Blocks offer modularity, some argue that true customization might be limited compared to traditional coding. However, Wix continuously expands its block library, and third-party developers can also contribute, potentially addressing this concern over time.

The Power of Modular Development

The modularity enabled by Wix Blocks aligns with the principles of modular software development. As mentioned in the Wix Engineering Podcast (, modularity promotes code reusability, easier maintenance, and faster development cycles. This could benefit both Wix and its users by creating a more efficient and scalable ecosystem.

Questions for Further Exploration:

  • How will Wix Blocks balance user-friendliness with advanced customization needs?

  • Can Wix maintain a robust and diverse block library to cater to various website functionalities?

  • Will the "citizen developer" model lead to an increase in websites with similar functionalities and aesthetics?

  • How will Wix Blocks integrate with existing website development practices and tools?


While the long-term impact of Wix Blocks remains to be seen, your Lego analogy effectively highlights its potential to democratize website creation. By offering pre-built blocks and a modular approach, Wix Blocks could significantly lower the barrier to entry, empowering individuals and businesses to build their online presence without extensive coding knowledge. However, questions remain about the level of customization achievable and the potential homogenization of website design. As Wix Blocks evolve, it will be interesting to see how they address these concerns and shape the future of website development.

Additional Resources

I hope this article is helpful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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