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Sahar Aviram

I came to Moshe and Mayan through a warm recommendation
From a friend who is also a colleague. And luckily I listened to her.

The attitude, the service, the creative solutions and the product itself, All of these and more exceeded my expectations.

And I had a lot of expectations. So thank you for everything, 

 I enjoyed the journey and the result.

Whoever chooses you will win big time

Doron Zvibel

For a very long time I was looking for a company that would take on the task of moving and updating the website "in Italy" from the old format on which it was built, and I did not find one, most of the companies balked at the scope of the work, or asked for a high price or refused.

Thanks to Maayan and Moshe, we are celebrating the creation of the site "in Italy" with a new site that does not embarrass sites at the highest levels. The website was built carefully and with attention to the smallest details, in the most advanced design and technological way, the system at the back is easy to operate, this is very important for daily work, especially when working in a team.

Thank you very much for your patience, professionalism and personal service at the highest levels.

highly recommend

Eitan Alhadez

I should mention that I received courteous and personal service, the contact was made quickly with consideration and providing tools that led to the exact solutions needed

without "sewing" me a package or an exorbitant price. Most thanks to you somewhere in the Kinneret area

Raz Buskila

Amazing and tolerant service, very personal and attentive to every little thing, completely professional

I received a website exactly as I expected and wanted, highly recommend

‏‎Iris Carmi‎‏

I have known Maayan for many years. About a month ago I decided to build a new website and turned to a source on the subject. It was a very right decision.

Maayan knew what I like, what I want to broadcast and what messages I want to convey to the clientele, therefore the website characterization process was very short and focused. Within about a week I received the first sketch of the site and it was "love at first sight" I loved the result immediately. I made very few changes which were taken care of very quickly and now I have a new website that I am proud of.

Maayan is professional, thorough, helpful and very, very pleasant. It's a lot of fun working with Maayan.

Highly recommend

Ruth Hyman

I received great and patient treatment from Maayan. For every question, even if I transferred at unreasonable hours, Maayan always answered me

The final product turned out to be a bomb, and even after the team finished the work, I continued to puzzle their minds - and I always got answers and help. Lucky I fell for them.

liat choen

I contacted Maayan from CMSblocks, she was very patient and listened to my needs for the site.
Bottom line, I was satisfied with the site they built for me. And I didn't make life easy for them

The colors, fonts, content, images.

Until we reached a situation where I'm really satisfied.

And all with ease and patience.

Highly recommend

Rainy Bar-On

The CMSblocks team, led by Maayan and Moshe, is one of the most professional and helpful we have ever worked with

The willingness to go the extra mile and deal with complex and unexpected situations is far above the standard in the world of suppliers. Great fun, working and thinking together and always with a big smile.

Amir and Rani whiteboard team

Golan Rotenberg

Professional, cordial and precise team!! simply great

managed to accurately convey the vision I wanted to convey at the highest level

Roi Oren

Maayan and Moshe were focused, professional, fast and very creative.

They went above and beyond and contributed significantly to the final product. warmly recommended

Jonathan Mutlu

Dear Maayan and Moshe, CMSblocks team
You deserve A warm and encouraging recommendation, because you definitely deserve it!

Highly recommend for those looking for:

Personal and humane attitude 👥

Ability to make content accessible in an interactive way ✍🏼

while incorporating features that are accessible and convenient to use Excellent value for your money 💰 invest a lot of time and if necessary change, update and upgrade without breaking the bank.

Possibility of customization (customization) for any business and in any field ⚒

In short, just a great team

Roy Shonsho

After examining several alternatives that were available to us, we decided to choose CMSblocks for the construction of the new website for our retail network. This is the first time we work with the company, and it certainly won't be the last

Judging by the process of working together between us, the personal and caring treatment we received and ultimately the final product, I am more than happy to give my recommendation to anyone who needs to build/upgrade their websites to choose CMSblocks. And on a personal note, the lovely Maayan was (and still is) patient with all our comments and requests, so we definitely feel that we made the right choice and that we are in good hands

Adva Dadon

After a long process of thinking and precision, Maayan and Moshe knew better than me what I wanted. The site almost went live and then I decided to change everything and go in a completely different direction. Cleaner and more dynamic

Although they had already finished their work and we were just before the launch, Maayan and Moshe went with me as far as I wanted and agreed to change everything, with kindness, agility, efficiency, precision and a lot of humor along the way. And the result is great.Thank you

Golden View Renovation‎‏

Two years ago we approached Wixpro to help us design and build a unique website to help our construction company shine in a tough industry. While maintaining their professionalism, Moshe & Maayan made the whole process fun

They took the time to understand the services our company provided, learned what our company stood for, and worked together hand in hand to build a website we could be proud of. The amount of patience and professionalism they showed was tremendous. Even with a 10-hour difference, Wixpro was with us every step of the way to help guide, support, and investigate our company's industry together. The amount of creativity and attention to detail they gave to our website was great. From start to finish, we are very satisfied with the work they've completed. Wixpro showed us a lot of respect and really cared about our company's performance. Under their management, our website has been transformed from what it was before to what it is now. We will continue to work with them and only with them for our future projects. These guys are the real thing! Thank you, Moshe & Maayan

Tammy Ackhaus

Recommend warmly and love.
Dear Ma'ayan and Moshe have been taking care of me and my site, in a close and personal way, for a long time

The beautiful site they built for me is getting compliments, the innovations and improvements they add all the time, keep the site alive and kicking.

The concept of service is not self-evident.

So so glad I came to you

Noi Avneri

After a lot of thinking about where to make a new website I came to the amazing maayan and I have no words to describe how patient, caring and attentive she was there, she manages everything there perfectly, attentive to every peep I had and there was a lot

From the beginning of the process that happened a few months ago until today. So thank you very much and I really really recommend you from the bottom of my heart

You made the site for me in the most accurate way I could ask for

Noa Kidron

There is no one like you!
Thanks to the high professionalism of the CMSblocks work teams, fruitful and genuine cooperation and above all a lot of goodwill and a tremendous sense of commitment, I got a website exactly as I wanted. The site functions and looks better than expected

From the construction phase to the end of the construction of the website, Maayan and the team were available and accompanied me hand in hand, with expertise and professionalism, pleasantness and a lot of humanity!

Countless developments, upgrades and options and above all flexibility and willingness to change and adapt the site to needs.

The staff is professional, available, high-quality and extremely kind!

CMSblocks are a real partner!

Highly recommend !

Dor Azulay

CMSblocks - a team of champions, creative and super professional!
To work with a winning team, is to give them a free hand and know that the result will be a high-level website that presents my business exactly the way I imagined

I strongly recommend to everyone who has a business - to choose CMSblocks to build and design a website customized for their business.

I'm satisfied and I'm sure you will be too.

Thank you for a quality product and a pleasant and personal service experience.


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