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Out of respect for our customers, we do not present all of our work online
ContactUs for samples or initial prototype


Folders & Sliders

Get the freedom to create the perfect Sliders interaction


Unleash Your Design Creativity on the Wix Platform

Blocks KIT

Order your OWN responsive CMS Lists & Grid

Lists & Grid

Craft a menu that flawlessly integrates with the website's visual identity

Navigation Menu

From Wish List to RealityTurning Ideas into Action

Tailor Solution



What if I only need one block for a project?

BlocksKIT isn't all-or-nothing! Need a stunning hero image slider for this specific project? Build it as a single-block kit, use it now, and add it to your library for future projects. It's like adding a valuable design tool to your arsenal, one block at a time.

Can I still personalize the blocks to match my client's brand?

BlocksKIT isn't a cookie-cutter solution, it's your design canvas! Every block is infinitely customizable with colors, fonts, animations, and layouts. Match your client's brand flawlessly, even create your signature design elements to stand out from the crowd.

Need a dynamic pricing table or a parallax scrolling showcase? Build it with BlocksKIT's adaptable blocks and code integration.

Is BlocksKIT flexible enough for complex projects?

Absolutely! Think of BlocksKIT as your design Swiss Army Knife. Combine pre-built blocks with custom development to craft intricate functionalities and interactive experiences.

How can BlocksKIT help me save time?

Imagine ditching 50% of repetitive development tasks through BlocksKIT's pre-built menus, galleries, and forms. That's time you can reinvest in high-impact design, impressing clients with faster project deliveries and unique creative touches.

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