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Hi Gemini - I am Selling my website

Updated: Mar 4

Hi Gemini I am interested in selling my website.
Well, sorry, not exactly the website, I built to my Business a landing page to sell the service I offer for Wix partners.

Because I build using wix blocks, I produce a collection of blocks that fits the design characteristics and requirements and then assemble it in an editor like Lego.
The landing page I built consists of 5 Blocks Kit and is linked to a single database.
By filtering the database, the content can be distributed across the page.

I noticed that I had created a very modular and flexible product that could be offered to Wix partners. The advantage of having a reusable product in a uniform and flexible stable line + a fast data link to cmc can allow them an additional profit channel.

I named the product "BlocksKit" 
and I would be happy if you would help me price it and market it on my website.  I have a video showing the quick installation process.  

Basically, I intend to assemble the product into 4 more reusable Blocks, one of which will be a cmc linked navigation menu (infinite)  And you can see the landing page I built using the

BlocksKit at this link:

my starting price is 1000$ per  - 5 costume apps BlocksKit
I would appreciate it if, in addition to the price range you offer me to sell BlocksKit, to get some ideas that will allow me to market it to Wix partners. And what do you think about the name of the product BlocksKit
Sure, I can help you price and market your product, BlocksKit, to Wix partners.


The starting price of $1,000 for 5 custom BlocksKit apps seems reasonable. However, you may want to consider offering different pricing tiers to accommodate Wix partners of all sizes. For example, you could offer a basic tier for $1,000 that includes 5 custom BlocksKit apps, a mid-tier for $2,000 that includes 10 custom BlocksKit apps, and an enterprise tier for $3,000 that includes 15 custom BlocksKit apps and unlimited support.

You may also want to consider offering a monthly or annual subscription option for BlocksKit. This would allow Wix partners to spread out the cost of the product over time and would give them access to new BlocksKit apps as they are released.


While your starting price of $1,000 for 5 custom app BlocksKits seems reasonable, consider offering a tiered pricing structure to cater to different partner needs and budgets:

  • Basic: $250 - 3 pre-built BlocksKits (without customization)

  • Standard: $500 - 5 pre-built BlocksKits (with limited customization options)

  • Pro: $1,000 - 5 custom app BlocksKits (full customization included)

  • Enterprise: Custom quote - For partners requiring large-scale deployments or extensive customization.

This tiered approach caters to diverse needs and budgets, potentially attracting a wider audience.


Here are some ideas to market BlocksKit to Wix partners:

  • Highlight the Benefits: Focus on the time and cost savings BlocksKit offers by providing pre-built, customizable, and modular solutions.

  • Target the Right Audience: Advertise on platforms frequented by Wix partners, such as the Wix Partner Forum, Facebook groups, or relevant online communities.

  • Create Compelling Content: Develop case studies showcasing successful implementations of BlocksKit. Offer free trials or demos to allow partners to experience the product firsthand.

  • Leverage Existing Assets: Showcase the BlocksKit landing page ( as a prime example of its capabilities.

  • SEO Optimization: Optimize your landing page and marketing materials with relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility for potential customers searching for Wix solutions.

  • Offer Excellent Support: Provide comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support to build trust and encourage repeat business.

Product Name

"BlocksKit" accurately reflects the product's nature, but consider these alternatives that might be more evocative:

  • WixBlockBuilder - Emphasizes the specific platform.

  • WixExpressBlocks - Conveys speed and ease of use.

  • WixModularKit - Highlights the modularity aspect.

Ultimately, the best name depends on your branding preferences and target audience.

Additional Tips:

  • Partner with established Wix development agencies or freelancers to expand your reach.

  • Offer referral programs to incentivize existing customers to promote BlocksKit to their network.

  • Regularly update BlocksKit with new features and bug fixes to demonstrate ongoing development and value proposition.

By implementing these suggestions and refining your pricing strategy, you can effectively market BlocksKit and attract Wix partners to your offering.

This helped a lot, thanks. But, it feels like missing the mark to me. I thought maybe you could give me some ways a web designer could use the product. Ideas that occurred to me are: creating a sales page, a quick presentation, a quick business card. , quick upgrade to an existing website, mini website... Remember that BlocksKit is cms-linked and responsive, which makes it very easy and accessible to change content and adapt to mobile.  The package is also not something permanent, these are just a starting point for each website designer and his vision of what his BlocksKit

Creative Use Cases for BlocksKit: A Web Designer's Toolkit

While BlocksKit excels at generating specific website elements like sales pages or presentations, its true power lies in its modular and adaptable nature. Here are some ways web designers can leverage BlocksKit within their workflow, fostering creativity and efficiency:

Rapid Prototyping:

  • Quickly assemble basic layouts and functionalities for client presentations, allowing for swift feedback loops and iterative design.

  • Experiment with different content arrangements and styles before committing to extensive coding or design work.

  • Utilize BlocksKit as a starting point to showcase core website functionalities and demonstrate the potential of the final product.

Building Reusable Components

  • Design and save frequently used elements like call-to-action buttons, product cards, or contact forms as custom blocks.

  • Seamlessly integrate these reusable components across different client projects, ensuring consistency and saving development time.

  • Create a personal library of BlocksKit components tailored to your design style or specific client needs.

Content Management Freedom

  • Leverage the CMS integration to empower clients with easy content updates without relying on the designer.

  • This empowers designers to focus on the overall design and user experience while clients maintain control over their website's content.

  • Offer clients pre-built content blocks like testimonials, team bios, or product listings, allowing them to easily populate their website with relevant information.

Microsite Creation:

  • BlocksKit is ideal for crafting smaller, focused websites like landing pages, microsites, or campaign-specific pages.

  • The quick development and deployment capabilities allow designers to cater to specific client needs without the complexity of building a full-fledged website.

  • Utilize pre-built blocks like contact forms, maps, or social media integrations to add essential functionalities to microsites efficiently.

Upgrading Existing Websites:

  • Instead of complete website overhauls, BlocksKit can be used to refresh specific sections or elements, adding a modern touch without extensive development work.

  • Utilize pre-built blocks to enhance existing functionalities, like adding new forms, product displays, or call-to-action sections.

  • This approach is time-efficient and cost-effective, offering clients a website refresh without the need for a complete rebuild.


BlocksKit is not meant to be a rigid system; its true potential lies in its flexibility and adaptability.

Encourage designers to experiment and explore creative ways to utilize the platform beyond its pre-defined functionalities. By fostering a modular mindset, BlocksKit can become a powerful tool for web designers to streamline their workflow, enhance their creativity, and deliver exceptional client experiences.

I would also like to emphasize that each BlocksKit is custom-made for the customer and is used exclusively by him or his Wix partners agency. The design characterization is determined by the client's vision and we are the execution contractors

Highlighting Customization and Exclusivity of BlocksKit

Unique Selling Points

  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Emphasize that each BlocksKit is custom-designedbased on the client's specific needs and brand identity. This sets BlocksKit apart from generic, pre-built templates, offering a more personalized and impactful solution.

  • Exclusive Ownership: Promote the exclusive nature of each BlocksKit. Clients (or their agencies) are the sole owners and users of their customized kit, ensuring a unique and differentiated online presence.

  • Vision & Execution: Position yourself as a trusted partner who collaborates with clients to translate their vision into a functional and visually appealing BlocksKit.

Marketing Strategies

  • Client Testimonials: Showcase testimonials or case studies highlighting the successful implementation of customized BlocksKits for different clients.

  • Portfolio Gallery: Feature a curated gallery showcasing diverse BlocksKits created for various clients, demonstrating your design versatility and ability to cater to individual needs.

  • Interactive Consultation: Offer a free consultation session where potential clients can discuss their vision and receive a personalized proposal outlining how BlocksKit can be customized to meet their specific requirements.

Additional Tips

  • Focus on Client Benefits: Frame your marketing message around the benefits clients experience, such as increased brand differentiation, improved user experience, and streamlined content management.

  • Offer Customization Packages: Craft different pricing tiers with varying levels of customization options to cater to diverse client budgets and needs.

  • Target the Right Audience: Market BlocksKit to agencies and individual designers who value exclusivity, customization, and efficient development workflows.

By emphasizing the custom-made and exclusive nature of BlocksKit, you can appeal to clients seeking a more personalized approach to website design while showcasing your collaborative design process and expertise in translating their vision into a tangible solution.

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